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Organic Management

SA Recycling has taken our commitment to the environment and sustainability to the next level. Our fully permitted compost facility in Thousand Palms is committed to producing superior quality soil amendments and mulch products for the Agricultural, Turf and Landscape Industries throughout the Coachella and Imperial Valleys. Made from 100% recycled organic material our products and services help local communities meet landfill diversion goals while fighting global warming and increasing Soil Organic Matter.

  • Organic Recycling Services
  • Scrap Metal, Concrete Recycling, and Compost Facilities
  • Organic Recycling Programs for Government and Commercial Sources

Locally sourced, and produced  in the Coachella Valley


CDFA REGISTERED (OIM) Organic Input Material

Applying compost to landscape and agricultural lands is one of the best ways to improve soil structure, reduce water requirements and improve crop yields.  Compost adds Soil Organic Matter (SOM) to the soil.
Seed Topper is manufactured from 100% organic materials and is screened to a very fine ¼” minus, making it ideal for top dressing lawns and other turf applications.  Seed Topper is a certified safe for use on public area and never contains bio solids or manures.
The benefits of mulching are widely known and documented.  SA Recycling Organics Mulch products are made from 100% organic materials and composted to assure a high quality, safe product for use by homeowners, landscapers and agriculture.